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If approved the employee should make the election on the SF 2817 and submit to the employing agency. Otherwise Coverage is effective the first day receipt of the SF 2817. Time Limit - Employee must submit the SF 2817 and be OFEGLI s approval. If employee is not in a pay and duty status or doesn t submit the SF 2817 within those 60 days Option A does not become effective and the employee must start over. Time Limit - Agency must receive the SF 2817 and proof of the event within 60 days after...
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I'm Kelly Monroe founder of project p2r federal benefits made simple there's an open season for FELL in September 2016 FELL or federal employees group life insurance provides life insurance coverage for eligible employees and their eligible dependents as well as retirees under certain circumstances eligible employees can apply to increase their FELL coverage without any medical questions or exams one of those is during an open season for life insurance these are incredibly rare and do have some restrictions this is 2016 FELL open season explained by project p2r and at the end of this video there's an important announcement for FEES employees from September first through the 30th eligible employees and their dependents can enroll or increase their FELL coverage again without any medical questions or exams however this is not available to retirees this can be a great opportunity to increase your life insurance especially if you have a medical condition that would prevent you from passing a medical exam to increase your coverage FELL offers four types of coverage basic which is one times your salary rounded up to the nearest a thousand plus two thousand dollars option a flat ten thousand dollars of coverage option B is 125 times your salary an option C is spousal independent coverage of one to five multiples for your spouse it's a five-thousand-dollar / multiple with a twenty-five-thousand-dollar max benefit for eligible dependents its twenty-five hundred dollars per multiple with a maximum benefit of 12,500 so how do you know how much life insurance you currently have there's a few ways you can figure this out but in my experience one of the most reliable ways is to look at your most recent sf50 form in your personnel file also called an e 0 PF box 27 will show you your current level of FELL coverage now you may need to ask your HR department about how to access your own personnel file in order to be able to download your sf50 forms now while you're working the FELL share of cost is as follows your basic coverage you'll pay two-thirds of the premium and the federal government pays one-third that's unless you work for the US Postal Service then a hundred percent of your basic premium is paid for by the postal service options a B and C you'll pay the entire premium are you wondering how much it might cost you if you increase your FELL coverage well OPM provides an easy-to-use calculator it's available online, and I've listed the link below for your convenience how do I apply during open season you'll need to complete an SF 2817 form on this form you'll actually be election the FELL coverage you want to have including the coverage you already do have and want to keep this can be a bit tricky to understand at first you'll start by completing section 2 it's pretty simple because it's just about you next in section 3 this is where you'll elect basic even if you already have basic you'll need to elect it on this form you must also have basic in order to...
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